Well, Fall is finally upon us. Thank God. I deplore Summer. Do you know what it’s like to sit around all day with a full coat of fur? It’s not pleasant I assure you. And the Humans decided to forgo getting air conditioning for yet another summer, those bozos. I’ve been trying to give them subtle hints for the last two summers: drinking water excessively, taking extra long naps and trying to look as tired as possible when I wake up, meowing them awake at 2 am, which is really the only time it’s cool enough to play in this sweatbox. I even tried licking myself bald in some places, not only to get their attention, but also to cool off specific parts of my body. No dice. These people, I swear, they just don’t pick up on signals at all. Maybe I’ll write them a mysterious message tonight on the chalkboard in the kitchen: “GET A/C YOU MOFOS”. That should send the message pretty clearly.

But seriously, I’m very glad it’s Fall. Fall really is the best time of year for us cats; it’s endless entertainment. All the leaves falling outside are like little creatures to watch and chase all day long. It’s the last chance I’ll get to attack those damn squirrels that come running along the front porch. And by attack, I mean watch from a window and make odd, stuttering noises at. Did I mention that I’m looking forward to the cooler weather as well? Soon it will even be cold, which means it’s time for the mysterious Warmth to make its appearance. The Warmth only comes from certain places of the house. It’s absolutely terrifying when it happens. It makes a noise and shoots out a strange warm air from these giant holes in the floor, but boy does it feel great. Side note, I’m just dying to get into those holes. But that’s for another day.

Now it’s time to enjoy Fall. Really not sure why anyone calls it that, these Humans say the darndest things.

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